Oliver Sweeney Meets

Our sports contacts played a vital part during the Oliver Sweeney Meets series. We linked up with successful and charismatic sports personalities to chat about how they wear their shoes doing what they do best.

Project Detail

  • Client: Oliver Sweeney
  • Category: PR & Client Management


Cheryl’s sports contacts played a vital part during our Olympic marketing campaign, they helped us to organise ‘Sweeney Meet’s’ with some top Olympians which created excellent content for our website and social media channels. Cheryl are delightful to work with as well as Jamie being a great ambassador for our brand. A day spent with Jamie on the ice skating rink, was probably one of the most entertaining days we’ve had at Oliver Sweeney. We do hope our working relationship with them both continues for a very long time.”

Camilla – Head of Press and Creative – Oliver Sweeney 

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