Celebrities have never been more popular and are now ‘followed’ by such huge numbers of people since the advent of reality TV and Social Media networking that there has never been a better time for celebrity product association.

  • Appearances
  • Guest Speaking
  • Launches
  • Campaigns

  • Brand Endorsement
  • Brand Ambassador Opportunities
  • Bespoke Experiences
  • Corporate Hospitality

Here’s how we does it…

Your Social Media

Celebrity endorsements can be powerful and cost effective, if they are matched and managed professionally. The importance of having a strong social media presence cannot be underestimated. We have the expertise and the celebrity stable to make sure it’s done right every time.

Not only does our work raise a smile, it raises awareness of your brand. We inspire celebrities to post, like or share your idea on your behalf.

Your Campaign

Managing a brand is hard enough without looking to select, manage and communicate with celebrities. Due to our close relationships with celebrities and clients, we are able to fully support your campaign.

A significant part of our work is white-labelled whereby we support PR and Marketing agencies with their spokesperson. We word alongside agencies covering a broad range of areas, including travel, retail, fashion, sport, well-being, beauty, health, leisure, pets and gaming.

Your Event

Planning and running corporate events can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here – to ease your worries by inviting and managing the celebrities you need so your event stands out. We have the experience to link your event positively and productively with your chosen celebrity in order to bring out the best for your brand and your guests.

With incredibly high standards, creativity, and experience, we always exceed expectations. We combine your ideas with our professionalism, a dash of innovation and the result is a fantastic and unforgettable event.

Silent Auctions

For support with all of your silent auction needs, visit BidAid, a professional silent auction fundraising service.